Workforce Care

Not all personal problems can be left at the door and safety issues, poor performance, declining productivity, and even workplace violence testify to that.

Workforce Care is a ministry that provides intercessory prayer and voluntary use chaplain availability to selected Gulf Coast workplaces for employee assistance for coping with personal stress, corporate changes, or personnel crises at no cost and no obligation as a per-need ministry provided by a trained chaplain.

We are available to pray for employees, for executives facing difficult decisions, or for simply interceding for your business to be successful in its mission and glory to God, and we can do that anytime anywhere.

You can submit a prayer request through the form below or by email or request our pastor to come by the office.



Steve Durkac

Our pastor, Steve Durkac, is a former hospital chaplain at Providence Hospital and with other hospitals, and is trained in offering professional availability to employees in a business setting as he did for patients in a hospital setting.

Steve brings a unique perspective toward the workplace as a chaplain, because he once worked as a manager and supervisor trainer for Radisson Hospitality Worldwide and is the author of Leader Lifts: 21 Motivational Lessons for Workplace Success” .

We don’t really want to think about it but the statistics show that workplace violence is a growing problem and workplace homicides are the second leading cause of death for women.

If your workforce is dealing with a tragedy, violent occurrence, or a death of a co-worker, our chaplain can come for a visit and make himself available to listen and encourage your team in the deep spiritual aspect of grief and worry.


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