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Pray Church…

We are committed to praying for the Kingdom of God and the work of the Holy Spirit through the ministry of CrossHope Chapel. We are praying the promise of Zechariah 4:6 as we pray in our fellowship, individually, and in periodic specially called prayer gatherings.

Would you like more information about joining our Prayer Ministry Team? Please send Pastor Steve Durkac a quick note or question here.

As you scroll down you’ll find resources and helps for your personal prayer life and your prayer ministry. If you need prayer now, please visit our Prayer page.



Prayer Ministry Gatherings…

Join us for prayer ministry gatherings:

• Weekly: Midweek Fellowship

• October: Cancer Prayer Support  

• Summer: Biblical Prayer Seminar



Personal Prayer Helps…

Here are some prayer helps, including some free instant download resources:

How to Pray (PDF) 

• 50 Promises for Problems 

Prayers of the Bible 

• ABC’s of Prayer 



Prayer Ministry Helps…

Here are some prayer ministry helps, including some free instant download resources:

• “How to Start a Local Church Prayer Ministry” (PDF)

• “Favorite Quotes on Prayer Ministry” (PDF)  

Quotes on Prayer 

• P.R.A.Y. Acrostic of Gospel Presentation 



      Prayer is the Answer…


For a limited time we are offering a free PDF instant download of Pastor Steve’s 130 page book by visiting the Prayer is the Answer PDF page.

We also have free copies available for medical waiting rooms (visit our Literature Ministry page) and available at the Chapel and will gladly give you your own copy when you come out to worship with us on Sunday.

Please visit the Prayer is the Answer page to read the introduction to this book and learn more.