Pretribulation Rapture


“Reasons I Believe in the Pretribulation Rapture”

by Pastor Steve Durkac

Are you seeking an understanding of the Bible prophecies regarding the rapture? Would you like to have a clearer grasp of the events surrounding the return of Jesus, the tribulation, and timelines of end-time prophecies?

“Reasons I Believe in the Pretribulation Rapture” by Pastor Steve Durkac, is a PDF download that will be available on this page soon, for free.

Pastor Steve Durkac favored a post-tribulation view of end-time events until he willingly set aside his preconceived ideas on eschatology and in “Reasons I Believe in the Pretribulation Rapture” he lays out the ten biblical reasons that support the pre-trib view. Steve also deals with some common post-trib view objections.

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