March 2017

Here is an overview of where we are going in new month of March…

March 5 – First Sunday so we will have potluck, communion, and cover a few more points on the rapture study. We forgot to talk about a potluck theme, so maybe we just make it a good old fashion bring what you want type of potluck.

March 12 – Daylight Savings Time starts, so spring forward! We’ll wrap up the rapture study on this day (that’s my goal!).

March 19 – 1 Thessalonians 5

March 26 – 2 Thessalonians 1

• Where are going after Thessalonians? I am looking at three books that keep coming up in my heart as I consider future Bible teaching series and they are Genesis, Galatians, and James.

• Let’s be in prayer for each other and maybe find someone to invite to visit us, especially if we meet someone whose burned out on traditional churches and is looking for something more authentic.

• I’m praying for you all and for yours and I do praise the Lord for you!


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