America in Prayer…

prayingmanflaglogo80Do you have a burden for our country and its future as related to the well being of your family and friends? Are you discontented about the degrading of Christianity in public places? Do you feel at a loss for what you can do to influence your nation for God and His Kingdom?

Let’s take heart and find encouragement as we periodically meet up for prayer on behalf of our government leaders and country. Our America in Prayer events are usually called during election season and are a relaxed prayer meeting where we pray for our nation, our families, our law enforcement, our military, our government leaders, and fellow citizens. We will also share the promises of God necessary to carry us forward as our country enters into its future in these last days.


Social Media Graphics…

If you are interested in spreading the mission of praying for America, here are some graphics that you can right-click download and freely share:



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