Once Adventist Meetups

Steve Durkac

You’ve likely already read that I am a former Seventh-day Adventist minister with the Carolina Conference and Gulf States Conference, but you may be interested in knowing that I host a community group for those with similar backgrounds, like formers, inactives, questioning SDA’s, almost SDA’s, family of SDA’s, and those exploring their faith in evangelical fellowship without losing hold of identifying biblical truth.

Our Once Adventist group is not a place to compile proof texts, rehash complaints, hate on our past, or convince ourselves regarding theological positions, but an opportunity to listen, ask questions, and finding support for sorting things out about growing in faith from this day forward.

We may talk theology, share a text, or give voice to past hurts but generally speaking I believe it is healthier to find gratitude in the positive experiences of our Adventist background and develop a spiritual growth plan to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, after our SDA exit.

In 2019 I reached a milestone: I have been out of Adventism longer than I was in Adventism. I still maintain a friendship with many of my former parishioners and still have a pastoral relationship with some, although they remain active in their local SDA congregations. The most surprising thing to me post-SDA life was being shunned by fellow pastors who I considered close friends.


 A Different Adventism

Outside of Adventism we’ve been aware how the denomination that once herald for lawfulness is in a big hypocritical mess of lawlessness among its organizational leaders defying the GC policy on women ordination, social justice, and liberal politics.

The Adventist church that I left in 1999 is not the same as the one that exists today in 2019, but if I was still a member of the church it would only be because a church clerk hasn’t notified the Conference yet.

We see the church reputation for its liberal political social justice causes becoming prominent over its once biblical mandate of present truth evangelism.

Whatever your reason may be for looking outside the SDA walls, our group is here to help you find authentic fellowship with like -minded believers without criticism or pressure.


 Meeting Times

The Once Adventist group meets once a month, usually on a Thursday evening at CrossHope Chapel in west Mobile, Alabama or a Saturday morning and sometimes at area coffee shops, too.

Please contact me to verify the meeting for that week, or to just express your interest and any questions you may have.