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Pastor Steve enjoys teaching on Bible prophecy and answering questions on the topic of end-time events, Revelation, and the pretribulation rapture.

Periodically, we hold a free special community class for Pastor Steve to teach and answer questions on Bible prophecy topics at our Chapel. If you have an interest in being notified about his next scheduled Bible Prophecy Class, please scroll down and use the form below.



“Reasons I Believe in the Pretribulation Rapture” by Pastor Steve Durkac, is a free PDF download that was originally created as a resource to hand-out in our Sunday gatherings for a past teaching series through Thessalonians, and specifically for our look at 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.

Pastor Steve Durkac favored a post-tribulation view of end-time events until he willingly set aside his preconceived ideas on eschatology and in “Reasons I Believe in the Pretribulation Rapture” he lays out the ten biblical reasons that support the pre-trib view. Steve also deals with some common post-trib view objections in this FREE download. You may also be interested in visiting our Pastoral Notes blog category where you’ll find posts related to Bible prophecy topics, too.

Please click on the link below and your browser will be redirected to this PDF file for printing or saving on your computer.

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