Men’s Ministry…

Men often face the giants in their lives alone and fearful that their own David stature is no match to their Goliath’s of fear and failure.

We live in a transient society with an adverse breakdown of traditional families lead by fathers. Boys and young men no longer know the blessings of growing and learning in close proximity to their fathers, grandfathers, or the friendships of godly men.

The stress of responsibility carried by a man often leads to marital conflicts or self-sabotaging career advancement. However, your man-stress doesn’t have to be an unbearable weight that suffocates progress at home or at work. Instead, we want our Men’s Ministry offer men the powerful examples of David and Goliath that can help encourage, equip, and empower them to know success in leading the outcomes of their life’s giants.


  Periodic Gatherings…

We have held periodical gatherings for men in our fellowship, mostly as meetups at Cracker Barrel or pancake breakfasts at our Chapel or at the shooting range.  Our hope is to have more regular gatherings scheduled in 2018.

Men’s Retreat posted Feb. 20, 2017

Men’s Breakfast posted Aug. 18, 2017

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Leading Giants: 7 Lessons from David and Goliath

If you are wanting to biblically redefine success in your life, or or facing a giant of a struggle as you move toward a big goal or if you are simply in need of inspiration for your career, our Men’s Ministry is offering you a free 6-page PDF download, titled “Leading Giants: 7 Lessons from David and Goliath” based on the principles given in 1 Samuel 17:24-47 and the story of David and Goliath.


Please click on the link below and your browser will be redirected to this PDF file for printing or saving on your computer. If you have any questions, please ask.

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You may also want to visit Pastor Steve‘s pastoral blog at which includes the topic of Leadership/Success and free PDF downloads.