Waiting Room Literature…

We are currently making two different resources available for free for medical/healthcare offices or business customer waiting rooms in Mobile, Alabama.

If you would like copies of Our Daily Bread and/or Prayer is the Answer book for your patient/customer waiting room, please use the contact form below to receive at no charge.

Each copy of Our Daily Bread and/or Prayer is the Answer book is personally delivered at no cost or obligation by a member of the CrossHope Chapel literature ministry team.

Copies of Our Daily Bread and/or Prayer is the Answer book are available at no cost or obligation for replacement or as a new placement in your patient/customer waiting room.

Our literature ministry provides these complimentary waiting room reading copies and will service these copies by replacement when worn or removed at no cost and no obligation for medical, physician, or various healthcare waiting rooms.

We see this as a ministry to provide patients and customers with encouraging reading while they wait for care and services.

Hundreds of people wait in waiting rooms for physicians or health care services, and with Our Daily Bread and Prayer is the Answer book within their reach, they can find sentences on any page that can encourage them in their healing process.

Please contact us to requests copies for your waiting rooms or use the form below.


Literature Ministry Contact Form