Please join us at CrossHope Chapel for an informal Sunday morning of simple worship, prayer support, and verse-by-verse conversational Bible teaching.

We know that as a church fellowship we can’t meet every need a Christian individual or a family may be seeking from a church home, but we are here for those looking for something simpler, smaller, and focused on simply teaching the Bible simply.

We meet at 10:00 AM on Sunday morning until around 12:00 noon, and we gather more like a family get-together than a corporate event.

We use round tables so we can place our Bible’s, coffee, and snacks before us. We don’t pass offering plates and we don’t have official church sign-on-the-line local membership so no one is going to ask you to fill-out a visitors card.

When we start arriving, sometimes just after 10:00 AM, we enjoy time socializing over coffee and snacks and catching up with life since the previous week. Usually around 10:30 AM or so we enjoy some time in simple worship songs and hymns, followed by sharing prayer requests on our prayer board, then we open God’s Word for study.


   Teaching Series…

We simply teach Scripture simply because we believe in presenting “the whole counsel of God” through book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse Bible teaching. We begin our teaching time by first reading through the passage of Scripture, then we go back over it and discuss.

Pastor Steve Durkac does not lecture or preach at anyone, but rather he facilitates the teaching pointing the principles and application of the study, while answers any questions that may arise. Please visit the Sunday Teaching Series page for current and past book series.


   Simple Worship…

We know that worship is more than music, but we do sing from both a hymnal, a songbook of praise chorus, we sometimes use YouTube, and we sometimes have a member who will lead us in worship using keyboards. We are presently praying for a guitarist and you can read more about that at our Worship in Music page.



Our fellowship is family-integrated so we encourage having the children with the adults and their family during the worship and Bible study time. We do have some children’s activities on hand to help occupy as needed, we encourage use of Bible app games, and have resources listed at our Family-Integrated Church page.


    First Sunday…

On the first Sunday of every month we enjoy potluck, simple communion, and usually a special feature like a Prophecy Updates at our gatherings.


    Wednesday Bible Study…

We have a Bible study gathering that meets on most Wednesday afternoons, but is on a week by week scheduling during the winter. This Bible study is through the Psalms and starts at 3:30 PM and ends by 5:00 PM. Usually a group meets at an area restaurant for a late 1:30 PM lunch before heading over to the Chapel, and you can read more at the Wednesday Bible Study page.