Please contact us if you have any questions about CrossHope Chapel and our approach to church. Most of the following questions come from content at the About Us page, the Governing Values page, and the Join us Sunday page.


  Q: Why no offering plates?

A: We do not pass offering plates. We have never asked for money and we have no intention to do so. We do have an offering/tithe box set aside where those who wish to give can give.


  Q: Why no membership?

A: We do not have official church sign-on-the-line local membership, because we believe that you become a member here by being part of the greater universal church of Christ when you accept Jesus and follow Him as your Lord. And of course as you attend our fellowship.


  Q: Is there room to grow at the Chapel?

A: Yes, and if necessary we can move to a larger location. The Chapel can accommodate about 50 people in fellowship together and on any given Sunday we have 12 – 20 people. We have a core group who are weekly and another few who are monthly or twice monthly. View inside the Chapel at https://youtu.be/8I_L5vfPQ38.


  Q: What is proper attire?

A: Pastor Steve Durkac is nearly always wearing shorts and a beach shirt, so if you want to dress up from there, that’s fine.


  Q: What Bible translation do you use?

A: We do not have a preferred translation or suggest the fellowship uses a particular translation. We encourage the use of whatever translation you may wish to use because with our discussions we like to hear from a variety.


  Q: Are you nondenominational?

A: Yes, and in accordance to our ByLaws. We are not opposed to denominations as such, except as they over-emphasize philosophies, polity, and procedures that are not edifying in the context of the local Body of Christ.