Workforce Care

If your business or organization has a critical or crises incident arise our pastors are trained chaplains and may be available to provide pastoral care chaplaincy availability through our church’s Workplace Care ministry.

Steve Durkac, our senior pastor, is an experienced trained hospital chaplain and a current PRN chaplain at Providence Hospital in Mobile, Alabama. Steve brings to his chaplaincy a background as a trainer with Radisson Hotels Worldwide and chaplaincy experience with four hospitals, emergency departments and post graduate chaplaincy training at University Hospital in Augusta, Georgia and Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Florida.

Our Workforce Care ministry helps businesses of various sizes and missions with no-cost chaplain volunteer availability for the workforce.


  Incident Care

Not all personal problems can be left at the door and safety issues, poor performance, declining productivity, and even workplace violence testify to that.

If your workplace is dealing with a disaster, business disruption, employee death, tragedy, or crises incident, we can come along side the workforce for support so your Human Resource department can focus on its function.

As trained chaplains, we assist employees, human resources, and owners in providing voluntary spiritual care by being available for listening support, emotional support, and a calming presence in the midst of uncertainty, upheaval, or finding strength for resiliency and recovery.


  Proactive Care

We offer the same professional chaplaincy voluntary availability to employees in a business setting just as a hospital chaplain does for patients, being present and available to the patients who may request a listening ear and we can do the same for the workforce.

Through the ministry of CrossHope Chapel, we are able to provide proactive preventive workplace chaplaincy services like intercessory prayer and a voluntary use chaplain presence for workplace employees as assistance for coping with personal stress, changes, or crises at no cost and no obligation to the employer.

As trained chaplains, we do not proselytize or recruit, but are simply available to assist the employee through a ministry of presence, listening, emotional support, and to work through any spiritual concerns of grief or worry before they negatively impact performance.


  Contact Us

If you have a question about our Workforce Care ministry, wish to meet with Steve to discuss your staff concerns in order to see if we can or are able to help, or if you simply wish for intercessory prayer for your business, please contact Steve.

Steve Durkac | (251) 753-2065 |