Children’s Ministry…

sundayschoolWe do have children attend and are always happy for that! As we grow in number, so will our Children’s Ministry.

Our fellowship is family friendly so we encourage having the children with the adults and their family during the worship and Bible study time.

Typically we have activities for children of various ages, like coloring sheets or word games that are coordinated with the teaching so children can work along during the teaching time.

Our philosophy is that children are able to see and hear moms and dads and adults talk about the Bible and things of God, and church becomes a family experience not just an adult thing to be avoided when I child is “old enough” to move on from.

Of course, we recognize that sometimes parents need a little break from supervising so we do have opportunities where help is available to lead or involve children in some type of Bible activity, app, or video lesson in our reception room. It should also be noted that children have been able to switch between being with a parent in the chapel area and going back to the reception room, not problem.



Children’s Ministry Helps