Daily Promise Devotionals

CrossHope Chapel maintains two separate email list. First, we have an email subscription list called News & Notes for periodical church news and pastoral notes. We also have a daily devotional email subscription list called Daily Promise.

Daily Promise One-Minute Devotionals is a free email subscription daily devotional by Pastor Steve Durkac one verse per day, along with a brief pastoral insights, in chronological order from Genesis 1:1 starting on January 1 and ending with Revelation 22:21 on December 31.

In fact, people remark that they love Daily Promise because as a devotional it’s not more than a few sentences and can be read without scrolling down your smartphone screen. It’s focused on the word of God, not fluff or entertaining stories

The Daily Promise devotional can also be read at Pastor Steve Durkac’s Facebook Page and Twitter account.

Email subscriptions are sent out through our use of the MailChimp email subscription service, direct to your email inbox at 3:00 AM CST so it’s ready for you to read when you awake.


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