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Baby Boomers Church

by Pastor Steve Durkac

CrossHope Chapel is an inter-generational group, but I want to share something with my fellow Baby Boomers.

When it comes to the things of God, the Millennials don’t worry me as much as us Baby Boomers. We have often been associated with the “Parrot Head” philosophy made popular by Jimmy Buffet’s music and are not often considered to be the first in line for the early Sunday morning service.

However, we have lived through the tele-evangelists crying for donations, we’ve experienced religion’s inability to change our hearts, we’ve experienced governments disregard to reign in corruption, we’ve worked for employers whose words weren’t worth their promise, and we are skeptical of cookie-cutter solutions to meet our personal spiritual needs.

We are individuals who know we need a Savior, who want hope for our future, and who want to contribute to the Kingdom of God, but we value authentic relationships with real conversations not one-way dogmatic declarations, we believe in biblical common sense not denominational interpretive opinions, and we are more interested in investing in honest fellowship not going through the motions of religious liturgy.

CrossHope Chapel is a simple church experience and an excellent alternative for Baby Boomers or anyone interested in an environment that doesn’t single you out or for those who prefer a simple church experience that is more like a casual family gathering than an uptight performance.

Please visit our About Us for a quick overview and read more about what you can expect from your Your First Visit. If you have any questions or want to meet up with me to talk over something that is on your heart, please contact me.