Former Adventist Fellowship

Pastor Steve Durkac

If you are a former, inactive, or family of Seventh-day Adventist and are looking to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18), let me tell you about CrossHope Chapel.

I am a former SDA minister (my story is here) and am always happy to talk with those who have left the Adventist church, or are inactive in their SDA church involvement, but are interested in how others are dealing with their lifestyle adjustments in biblical evangelical churches.

The problem is that former Adventist have a high rate of religious non-involvement after leaving their church/denomination than does the typical Bible believing Christian. This ought not to be the case, because Satan is more than happy for you to resist Christian fellowship over non-salvation bearing differences.

Let’s talk, and allow me to encourage you to work-through the issues you have with Adventism or recognize the elements of Adventism that are present in evangelical churches.


  Spiritual Care Support Group

If you want to talk, please contact me. I have no interest in degrading or listing fault and flaws of the SDA church. In fact, I am grateful that our Lord led me to and through the SDA church and ministry to where I am now, in nondenominational church ministry.

I would be honored to talk and/or meet up with you for an opportunity to discuss your questions and thoughts about biblical Christianity, outside the walls of your former Adventist experience.

At CrossHope Chapel we have a Former Adventist Group gathering that I want to invite you to attend or at least contact me with meeting information about that group. Our group is a safe place where you have opportunity to ask questions and make your decisions on doctrines or involvement with any church in fellowship.

At our Former Adventist Fellowship gathering we do not argue doctrine, compare proof texts, or get buried in theological opinions, although there are times when in order to answer questions we look at the Bible and talk doctrines. Our purpose is to give opportunity for questions to be asked and pastoral care issues to be discussed without criticism or condemnation, with the intent of encouraging participants to not neglect building a relationship with the Savior, regardless of current or post involvement in the Seventh-day Adventist church.

If you would like to talk more, please contact me



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