Governing Values…

We hold to the following seven core governing values that guide the practices of our fellowship and explain what is important to us as a church in fellowship:

1. We value expository verse-by-verse study of God’s word, through facilitated discussion, allowing those in attendance to talk, share, and openly consider viewpoints without criticism or judgement.

2. We value the Bible as the ultimate source of authority, and we hold to evangelical conservative beliefs, but are committed to refraining from dogmatic tests of fellowship on non-savific unessential doctrines.

3. We value the biblical definition of the church as the “body of Christ”, made up of true believers, all gifted and called to various functions of service, rather than defining a church as a building or a denomination as the one true church.

4. We value involvement from individuals of various denominational backgrounds, we don’t have church membership, we respect denominational heritage, but refrain from imposing those practices on the church in fellowship.

5. We value simplicity in our church fellowship, we don’t pass offering plates or ask for money, we avoid budget-driven debt and don’t do complicated worship productions.

6. We value having more of a family gathering style in our church fellowship than a corporate event, giving emphasis to relational fellowship instead of program driven services. 

7. We value equipping those in our community to fulfill the gospel ministry of their calling, to partner in cooperative missions that can reach further than us in the advancement of the Great Commission both locally and abroad


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