Our Affiliation…

CrossHope Chapel is not associated with any denomination or religious organization, but is an independent, autonomous, and self-governed nondenominational church ministry.

We are not opposed to denominations as such, only as they would over-emphasis non-biblical doctrinal differences that lead to division of the body of Christ.

We began as a Southern Baptist church ministry but never officially affiliated with the denomination because we chose not to require individual membership, except to acknowledge one’s membership into the church universal through their personal belief in Jesus Christ. (You can read more about our history at the Our History page.)

We voluntarily partner with other evangelical churches and ministries that can reach further than us in advancing the Great Commission and you can read more about that at the Cooperative Missions page.


Calvary Global Network…

CrossHope Chapel is part of the Calvary Global Network that is affiliated with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, which means being connected to like-minded pastors and leaders, and participating in facilitated training, ministry opportunities, information resources.

We remain independent in our church governance and independent in our ministry practices, but we are in full agreement with the Calvary Chapel doctrinal distinctives.

CrossHope Chapel is different than Calvary Chapel churches in that we are more relaxed in our approach to our Sunday church experience. Our style of gathering for worship and teaching is more like house church than a than a typical evangelical church format of stand, sing, and preach.


Calvary Chapel…

Here’s how we got connected with Calvary Chapel, in Pastor Steve Durkac’s own words from a previous blog post… “It happened by accident in 2014 while doing a trade name search when changing our church name from West Mobile Bible Fellowship to CrossHope Chapel.

The name Calvary Chapel came up in that trade name search and I immediately remembered that name as tied to Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

As a new believer in Jesus Christ in 1980, I remembers clinging to every broadcast of Chuck Smith on Christian radio in Toledo, Ohio but lost track of his radio teaching ministry as I moved South.

In that trade name research I also realized that there was a multitude of Calvary Chapel’s across our nation and our church was very much like them in philosophy and doctrines. You can read our Statement of Faith.

When I dug a little deeper I learned that there was once a local Calvary Chapel church in Mobile so I made contact with a Calvary Chapel pastor to inquire about it. My initial concern was over the use of “Chapel” rather than “Church” and if that was a negative in our part of the country.

In an attempt to talk to someone in the Calvary Chapel movement, I ended up receiving an invitation to attend a Calvary Chapel Church Planting Boot Camp in Atlanta with Pastor Sandy Adams and that led to attendance at other Calvary Chapel conferences and fellowship with Calvary Chapel pastors.” 


A Simpler Church…

Please read more about how we do church at the Your First Visit page Please contact us for any additional information or if we can answer any questions.

If you are reading this because you are looking for a more typical Calvary Chapel church experience we recommend Mobile Calvary Church, a new Calvary Chapel church plant in our area.



Read posts on Calvary Chapel at Pastor Steve Durkac‘s blog site: www.stevedurkac.org .