A Simple Church…

You’re invited! If you are looking for a simpler non-denominational church, please consider visiting us this Sunday. We are a non-denominational simple church and fellowship of people in the Lordship of Jesus Christ who gather for a relaxed worship, prayer for one another, and a conversational verse-by-verse book-by-book Bible teaching...[read more]

CrossHope Chapel, Non-denominational Simple Church, Mobile, Alabama


A Non-Denominational Simple Church…

Below is a listing and links to more information about events and ministries at CrossHope Chapel. You may also wish to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our News & Notes emails.


Steve Durkac, CrossHope Chapel, Non-denominational Simple Church, Mobile, Alabama The Book of James  Our current Sunday morning conversational Bible teaching series is through the book of James verse-by-verse and chapter-by-chapter. We are a simple church, more like a family, than a sit – stand – shut-up and listen program so you can ask questions and share insights to be shared…[read more]


Non-denominational Simple Church, CrossHope Chapel, cancer prayer group All Cancer Support & Prayer Group — Join us on October 13, 2017 we will offer a special cancer awareness and prayer support event at our Chapel for the public. Learn more about it and our prayer list as you all ow us to pray for you, or your loved ones going through their cancer journey…[read more]


Non-denominational Simple Church ABC’s of Salvation  Do you question your salvation? Do you harbor doubts about where you will spend eternity? Are you unsure about the grace of God to cover your faults, shortcoming, and sins? Have assurance through faith – not by your works – you have the security of salvation…[read more]


Non-denominational Simple Church Need Prayer?  We believe that prayer is the answer to every problem in life, whatever the situation is or the worry you may be carrying around, prayer is the answer to change and coping. Please submit your confidential prayer request to our prayer list…[read more]


CrossHope Chapel, Non-denominational Simple Church, Mobile, Alabama→ How to Grow in Faith  Do you feel like you could use a little help in restarting your spiritual journey or direction in getting back to the peace you once knew from being in fellowship with the Lord? Take a moment to consider four simple steps you can take…[read more]


Steve Durkac, CrossHope Chapel, Non-denominational Simple Church, Mobile, Alabama Daily Devotionals  Grow in faith between Sunday’s with Pastor Steve’s Promises thru Scripture devotional, with one Bible promises each day, shared in chronological order from Genesis 1:1 on January 1 through Revelation 22:21 on December 31…[read more]


Non-denominational Simple Church, Steve Durkac, CrossHope Chapel Pretribulation Rapture — Download a FREE 8-page PDF study on 10 reasons to believe in the pretribulational rapture of the church and answers to objections. Also, learn about our upcoming Bible Prophecy Class and sign up for notification of scheduling…[read more]


Steve Durkac, CrossHope Chapel Non-denominational simple Church Premarital Counseling Alternative — Our pastor is sometimes available to meet with couples in need of a pastoral care alternative to premarital counseling that is education based rather than problem focused or guidance through a problem relationship …[read more]


CrossHope Chapel, Non-denominational Simple Church, Mobile, Alabama Men’s Ministry Download a FREE 6-page PDF study from our pastor’s book on “Leading Giants: 7 Lessons from David and Goliath.” This message is one of encouragement and guidance for facing the giants that taunt a man seeking balance…[read more


CrossHope Chapel, Non-denominational Simple Church, Mobile, Alabama Directions & Map to Chapel  In the fall of 2016 we moved to 9943 Lifeline Court Ste C, Mobile, Alabama 36608, just north of the Airport Blvd and Snow Road intersection in west Mobile, just behind the Winn-Dixie shopping center…[read more]


CrossHope Chapel, Non-denominational Simple Church, Mobile, Alabama Your Fist Visit  Before your first visit, you should know that we do church differently than most. Learn what to expect at our Your First Visit page, when you read an open letter from Pastor Steve Durkac about how we’re different in our Sunday morning gatherings…[read more


Simple Church Network We are interested in connecting with those called of God to be home missionaries by starting a house or organic church, called to win a few, not the multitude, but called to pastoral care ministry in a small group church…[read more]