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God loves you, Jesus died for you, and the prophecies of the Bible tell us that He is returning soon! What does that mean for you? Visit us this Sunday! Until then, surf around…

Calvary Chapel

Looking for a Church?  An open letter from our pastor, sharing about the ministry of CrossHope Chapel as a church and are slightly different in our style of gathering in Mobile, Alabama…[more]

Easter SundayCrossHope Chapel, Pastor Steve Durkac, Mobile, Alabama  April 1, 2018 is Easter Sunday and at CrossHope Chapel we will celebrate the holiday away from our chapel, if it doesn’t rain, at a members home where will enjoy fellowship…[more]

Honduras Mission  Our own Payton is heading to Honduras this summer with fellow Faith Academy students and teachers, and we have a form to note your prayers and words of encouragement for her…[more]

Need Prayer?  Submit a confidential prayer request to our prayer list. We believe that prayer is the answer to every problem in life, whatever the situation is or the worry you may be carrying…[more]

Daily Devotional  Subscribe to Pastor Steve’s Daily Promise email devotional, one Bible promise a day, chronological order from Genesis 1:1 on January 1 – Revelation 22:21 on December 31...[more]

Verse-by-Verse Teaching  Our current Sunday morning interactive Bible teaching series is in the book of 1 Corinthians: “In the World, but Not of It” with Pastor Steve teaching so you can ask questions and share insights during the Bible teaching time...[more]

CrossHope Chapel, Calvary Global Network, Mobile, Alabama Frequently Asked Questions  Read several questions and answers that are frequently asked by those who come to worship with us or emailed to us. This page will likely be updated with new questions…[more]

News & Notes  Stay up with the latest updates by email and follow along with what’s happening through our fellowship by email of church posts when you subscribing to our free email list…[more]

How to Grow in Faith  Do you feel like you could use a little help in restarting your spiritual journey or direction in getting back to the peace you once knew from being in fellowship with the Lord…[more]

Rapture Survey — This poll is an attempt to identify primary objections to two eschatological views as expressed through the survey. The results will be used for a future Bible Prophecy Seminar[more]

Giving Online  We do not pass offering plates at our Sunday morning worship gathering, but we do receive tithes and offerings from our fellowship and friends who are convicted to give…[more]CrossHope Chapel, Calvary Global Network, Mobile, Alabama

Photo Gallery  Here’s a handful of pictures taken from various years and locations of our fellowship together, including pics at the Chapel for worship, at a restaurant, at the pastor’s home for a Christmas party…[more]

Beach Weddings & Vow Renewals — Our pastor is sometimes available for wedding officiating along the beaches of Mississippi, Alabama, and NW Florida and you can visit his website regarding his ministry…[more]

Bible Study Helps —  This online resource page offers selected online tools and resources for your own personal study or for companion study to compliment our weekly teaching…[more]

Directions & Map to Chapel  We are located on the west side of Mobile county, not far beyond the airport, and just north of the Airport Blvd and Snow Road intersection behind the Winn-Dixie…[more]

Calvary Chapel