Pastor Steve Durkac


Pastor Steve Durkac

I met Jesus Christ as my personal Savior just days before my 18th birthday out of High School, bringing me a new purpose, identity, and a God-given plan for my life! (You can read more at “Teenage Wasteland”.)

I grew-up Catholic, went to Catholic elementary school and actually felt a call to the vocational priesthood until the call to the girl across the room became stronger.

Since giving my life to the Lord Jesus Christ through prayer and commitment I have spent 30 years in vocational church ministry with Adventist, Nondenominational Evangelical, and Southern Baptist churches, in both in pastoral and chaplain roles. When asked what denomination or type of minister I am, I usually answer Baptist, because I am still personally affiliated with the Southern Baptist and down here everyone seems to have roots in a Baptist church and would understand its conservative positions.

However, if you were to back me into a corner on the topic of church identity, I would probably tell you that I am most closely aligned to in personal beliefs and professional regard in ministry of the Calvary Chapel church movement.

In years past I have served as a local church pastor with churches and ministries in Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and northeast Alabama. I have served as a hospital chaplain, with both independent, Baptist, and Catholic hospitals in Georgia, Florida, and here in Mobile, Alabama with Providence Hospital.

baptismgulf2I hold degrees in religion and pastoral ministry from Southern Adventist University and post-graduate Clinical Pastoral Education with University Hospital and Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Florida.

I live in west Mobile, Alabama with my beautiful wife Steph, two of my four children still at home, two others close by in Mobile, our family pet Keef, and I have two grandchildren. 

In addition to my pastoral ministries with CrossHope Chapel, I have an active evangelical wedding officiating ministry for destination beach brides along the Gulf Coast and at our chapel.



If you live in the Gulf Coast area or will be in the area, I will be happy to sit down with you over a cup of coffee at a Starbucks or at our chapel to talk about pastoral care issues that you may want an ear and/or some insight on. Please contact me and I ‘ll be happy to arrange a meet-up.



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